Rangeland topics are presented in five main categories:

  • Rangeland Resources & Uses
    • What are rangelands?
    • Why are rangeland important?
    • Changing uses of rangelands?
  • Rangeland Plants
    • Grass, grass-like, forb, shrub, or tree?
    • Annual or perennial?
    • Native, introduced, or noxious?
    • Nutritious or poisonous?
  • Rangeland Animals
    • Carnivore, ominivore, or herbivore?
    • Native, feral, or domestic?
    • Livestock-Wildlife interactions.
    • Setting a stocking rate.
  • Rangeland Ecosystems Around the Globe
    • Grasslands, shrublands, woodlands, savannahs, deserts, or tundra?
    • Rangeland soils.
    • Riparian and wetland ecosystems.
    • Describing and monitoring rangelands.
  • Rangeland Ecology & Management
    • What causes rangeland to change or stay the same?
    • How plants respond to grazing and fire.
    • Wildland fire, invasive plants and rangeland restoration.
    • How humans affect and conserve rangelands.
      Adaptive management.